Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Get your fulls with your iPhone!

Well the iPhone can't really do the test for you, but t can at least
help you study!

To be honest, I don't know how I would have been able to read the
Driver's Qualification Manual if I didn't have an iPhone because I
simply wouldn't have enough time at home to read it from due to work

Instead, every morning in my 40 minute commute, I whip out the
GoodReader app on my iPhone and pull up the PDF version of the manual
and give it a good read. I just finished and now I'm blogging about it
on the train.

How do you put PDF files onto your iPhone you ask? Well GR gives you
may many options. You can use their in built web browser to surf for
pdf's and download them. You can transfer them from your computer to
your iPhone via wifi, among a few other methods.

You don't really need an app to read PDFs since the iPhone has native
support for PDFs (not only PDFs! Also doc, xls, ppt and ther mac
counterparts). However normally you can only view them as email
attachments, and that's where apps come in. They put all your
documents in a nice central location for your convnience.

However, although the experience was smooth and enjoyable; I could
zoom in and out and move around without any lag, I did wish I could
have read it on a bigger screen.... And I realise that the ipad does
have some value in having a big screen!

Now back to watching tutorial videos about networking!

Sent from the gPhone!

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