Monday, April 5, 2010

iPad launches in America!! + The Apple Experience

After watching, it just makes me want the iPad that much more...=[

Wow...and I thought I was excited about Apple products. This girl is can't control her excitement and anticipation as she waits in line for her iPad on launch day. It's amazing also how enthusiastic all the Apple Store workers are about product launches and I guess that makes for one happy customer! Little things like this just keep re-affirming the fact that Apple looks after it's customers. I myself have had and heard a few stories.

Story #1:
I myself had a very substantial experience with Apple's over the phone customer support when I bought my original iMac 20 inch late 2008 refurbished model. It had some RAM problems and kept constantly restarting. I called up 2 days later and informed them of the problem and they said they'd pick it up the next day and give me a full refund.

Happy with my service and level of care, I decided to get the 24 inch model instead. Apple always does free shipping and uses TNT couriers so it usually arrives the next day, quick and painless. It could have easily ended up in tears for me and one unhappy customer for Apple, but the way they treat their customers is hard to find in any other computer company.

Everything was resolved very very quickly and I was extremely impressed. Shopping with Apple is as simple and convenient as their products.

Story #2
My girlfriend's iPod headsets died and she wanted to replace them so she went to the Apple Store...she walked out 2 minutes later with new earphones in hand, not needing to show any evidence of purchase. Lovely.

Story #3
My boss's iMac started blowing smoke one day and so he called up Apple support. His area is a bit prone to electrical surges as there has been a history of appliances dying (and even an electrical outlet blowing up). At the time, his iMac wasn't plugged into his electrical surge-proof power board, but he switched it around, because when the Apple technician came to inspect it, he frowned in puzzlement, and approved a replacement. Wonderful!

I wonder...

Has anyone had a bad or pleasant experience with Apple?

Is anyone eager for the iPad launch here in Australia?


Here's another video from the same Apple Store's iPad launch covered by CNET's "The Apple Byte" featuring the hilarious host Brian Tong. Why oh why is Australia so slow!!!


Bilson said...

I've been to that Apple store!!! =D

Geoff said...

Nice!! I envy you =[