Sunday, May 9, 2010

Official Australian iPad Release Dates and Pricing!

It's about time!! Damn Americans buying so many iPads that they deplete the supply for the rest of the world, hence pushing back the original international release date of the iPad way back in April.

The new international release date is May 28th. Mark it in your calendars, people!

I may well be one of the hundreds (thousands?) of fanboys/fangirls lining up in the morning to nab me one of these!

That is, until you see the $AU pricing, which is a bit too much if you ask me considering the 16GB base model in the US is US$499 and here in Australia it is AU$629 and the exchange rate is around 90c for the dollar!

Here's a price comparison so you can see for yourself.

Wi-Fi models:

16GB: $629 (US price $499)

32GB: $759 (US price $599)

64GB: $879 (Us price $699)

Wi-Fi + 3G models:

16GB: $799 (US price $629)

32GB: $928 (US price $729)

64GB: $1049 (US price $829)

That's quite a premium that they tack on! So what does eBay have to say about this?As of this time in writing, the cheapest Buy It Now iPad for the 16GB wifi version comes to AU$765 with shipping.

I guess waiting it out will be the cheapest option for now!

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