Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Using an iPad at uni?

I've been thinking about how I would use my iPad once I got it so I started hunting around for some note-taking apps which I could play around with while I was in a lecture. After a quick search I found a demo for an app which brought to life my exact idea of how I would use the iPad to take notes. The demo video below absolutely blew me away and I cannot wait a second longer to get my hands on one!

This app is called PadNotes, and the video explains itself:

Now people say that the iPad is somewhere between a phone and a laptop....but can your laptop really do all of this in a uni lecture theatre?

I think not!


Bilson said...

Problem is... if you wanna use a pen/stylus/sausage... you need to wear a glove! =[

Geoff said...

I thought they already sell capacitive touch screen stylii (plural? lol...) why would you need gloves for that?