Sunday, January 17, 2010

If you're lost on the road...

Man. The Maps app + a GPS app on your iPhone will mean you will never get lost again! Just the other day, me and some workmates were driving up to Gladesville for some indoor cricket. The driver got lost. Suddenly, a co-worker and I both whip out our iPhones and locate the directions in no time at all!

Later that day, I was meeting up with a bunch of friends to go to the Hooters at Parramatta. We were waiting at Westfields and were waiting for friends who was going to drive us up there . They were walking around too but we didn't know the area too well, but they said they were on Valentines St. We had no idea where that was...until once again, my iPhone saved the day! It's so handy when you're walking because the 3GS has an in-built compass and when you point it in whichever direction, the maps app will swing around to orientate you in the same bearing!

Oh and not to mention, I used my Tomtom app to help get them from Parramatta Station to Hooters! Hurray!

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