Wednesday, January 20, 2010

iPhone's Everywhere!

In my daily commute on the train, I will undoubtedly notice at least a
few other iPhone users around me.

Now people will have mixed opinions on this. Some people say iPhone
users are all sheep. I believe they are ignorant. I agree to some
extent that people who get iPhones but have no idea how to use it
properly would indeed be classifed as a silly little sheep who just
got one to look cool. However, for the majority of iPhone users out
there,we have chosen it because we believed it was a far superior
product to anything else out there.

And to see the Apple phenomenon in full force everyday when going to
work makes me admire Apple that much more!

Sure, some people want to buck the trend and stand out of the crowd
and have a phone no one else does, but for me, I value the amazing
features of the iPhone much much more.

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