Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Wonders of Syncing!

Syncing is to share common information across different platforms. Today I discovered this wonderful thing and started syncing 6 things together -

1.Google Gmail Contacts and Google Calendar

2.iPhone Contacts and iPhone Calendar

3.iMac Address Book Contacts and iMac iCal Calendar

By the afternoon, after some very simple setup in the preferences of programs and some googling, I have successfully achieved syncing of contacts and calendars between these 3 platforms. The implications of this is mind-blowing!

I can now:

>Check my girlfriend’s schedule on my iPhone, since I can see her calendar as well. (stalker!)

>Add or edit an event on iCal or iPhone or on Google Calendar, and it will show up updated on the other 2!

>Add/edit a contact anywhere, and it will show up everywhere else! (still in testing...so far doesnt sync very quickly =/)

This is already in addition to synced mail accounts on the iPhone, Mail on my iMac, and Gmail, which was previously the only type of syncing I took advantage of.

Another thing you can sync is pretty much any file you want. You can do this using an app called “Dropbox”. I won’t bother explaining but instead I’ll just post up the video here. It’s really useful for:

>if you want to consolidate uni work/notes done on a laptop when you get onto your home computer!)

>if you get the iPhone/iPod Touch app, its a quick way to access word docs, pdfs or maps when you’re on the go!

This summarises today’s blog entry about the future - cloud computing. That is, putting all your information on the internet and accessing it universally from your various platforms. Never before have I been so amazed by the concept of the cloud, and can only await what the future of the internet holds for us all!

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